3D first-person open-world construction and management simulation game set in space in the future.


Astro Colony is a first-person open-world sci-fi game focused on construction, automation and management of your space station/ship. Collect resources from asteroids to develop your astro colony and explore procedurally generated galaxy.


Space Station

Construct your space station and traverse through universe.


Build whole production lines using conveyor belts and logic blocks that operate automatically.

Procedurally generated galaxy

Endless procedurally generated open world with planetoids and asteroids on which you can collect raw materials.

Resource management

Collect resources and manage logistics. Use conveyor belts to transport items between buildings.

Colony Management 

Recruit new colonists and provide them what they need. Every colonist needs food, oxygen and sleep. 

Technology tree

Discover over 60 technologies using science points. There are six types of points: Basic, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Space and High tech. Every type need other resources.


Build farm on your station,